Out & About

Come on in and see what mischief I’ve been up to lately . . . and with whom!

Welcome to my calendar and scrapbook, where I track my comings and goings and post photos to prove I really DO know how to pick the lock on the chains that bind me to the keyboard.

2015 Schedule

May 2015 @ Balticon 49 in Hunt Valley, MD

     September 4-7, 2015 @ Dragon Con  in Atlanta, GA  dragoncon 2015 header-logo

Look for me at the Hyatt at the DragonLance Nexus fan table with other members of the Dragon Writers Collective!

I’ll also be reading from Ascension (a World of Godsland novel created with Brian Rathbone) at the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading. (Date/location TBA)

Come sit in on Broad Universe’s panel session, where I’ll join other members in telling you about this wonderful organization for women writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  (Date/location TBA)


2014 Schedule

May 23-26, 2014 @ Balticon 48 in Hunt Valley, MD



August 29-September 1 @ Dragon Con 2014 in Atlanta, GA



November 6-9 @ World Fantasy Convention 2014 in Arlington, VA



November 21-23 @ Philcon 2014 in Cherry Hill, NJ




2013 Shenanigans

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August 31 @ Dragon Con, Atlanta, GA moderating the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading session (Alas, no pics!)


May 25, 2013 @ Balticon 47, Baltimore, MD reading from Incorrigible: Secrets Past & Present at the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading session


May 19, 2013 @ Head House Books, Philadelphia, PA with science fiction author Anne E. Johnson