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Guest Post: LJ Cohen on Organic Diversity in Science Fiction

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  1. admin

    I couldn’t agree more with you, Anne. I love to read stories with lots of different kinds of characters. It just makes for so much fun to watch them interact. It’s the differences that make them interesting to me.

  2. Great essay. I grow weary of the resistance to diversity in science fiction. Our own world is diverse; other worlds that humans develop would be diverse as well. It also seems natural to me that fully alien worlds would be diverse. Let’s celebrate that as authors and readers!

  3. Looks like a fun read. It’s a pity about the homophobic comment you received. Seems to me M/M is becoming much more acceptable these days, but F/F is still forbidden territory. We can but live in hope.

  4. admin

    My pleasure. Thank you for writing this article! I thoroughly enjoyed it and now must buy the book because the excerpt hooked me, darn you! 🙂

  5. Thank your so much for hosting me! I really appreciate it.

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