My philosophy about the most significant press you’ll find on this site or any other:

   “Readers are manna.  They offer support with every review and blog comment, every join and share, every kind word.  They nourish me with mind-mind, heart-heart, soul-soul connections.  They get me.  And most importantly, they sustain me with gasps, belly laughs, and tears.

   From a writer’s standpoint, nothing else–no exposure of any kind, no creative idea or writing success–can match the feeling of connecting with readers.  They inspire me to work diligently to deserve their ongoing support.  They keep my mind sharp and my spirit smooth.  I’m thankful for and enriched by every reader.  For all they bring to my life, readers are the only manna worth striving for in every word I write.”

–Morgen Rich, October 3, 2013

Reader Reviews and What I Think of Them

 Incorrigible: Secrets Past & Present – Part One / Entrapments

4.0 out of 5 stars Horrible story! I couldn’t put it down! September 12, 2013

“Honestly, the writing in this story was so good it made me buy a Kindle so I could read the rest of it.”

–Amazon reader

Me:  I saw 4 stars and the word “Horrible” and stopped right there to restart my heart.  And then I mustered some Mo Attitude and plunged back in.  I was floored.  It’s short, truly sweet, and humbling.  I want to thank the reader for posting it.  I also want to thank this reviewer for giving me something to send to Amazon to nudge them to price-match Entrapments, which has always been intended to be free everywhere (not just everywhere but Amazon).