Paying It Forward Foreword

If you kn578c827c7aec8437a27134929c53d118_originalow me, you know that I’m a believer in Paying It Forward.  I’ve been the fortunate recipient of the generosity of someone else who believes in that same philosophy–fantasy author Brian Rathbone–and I want to tell you about something you can do to Pay It Forward, too.  So consider this a Pay It Forward Foreword.


A few years ago, Brian and I became friends via Twitter.  I knew immediately that he was a kindred spirit, and the more I got to know him, the more he affirmed my gut instinct was on target.  We did finally meet in person at Balticon, and over time, we’ve become good friends.  When Brian approached me to write a prequel novel that would be set in his World of Godsland fantasy world, I was shocked and thrilled and humbled.  I admire Brian for his imagination, and I love the characters in his books.  He asked if I’d take on the prequel story about one of those characters: Gwendolin Ahlgren.  I enjoyed Gwen in Inherited Danger, and I had wanted to know more about her.  Brian gave me that chance.


Now, Brian and his publishing company, White Wolf Press, are running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund hardback versions of Gwen’s story, entitled Ascension, as well as that of a new writer, Jack McCarthy, who has penned the first novel in a trilogy of prequels, this one entitled Onin.  The third book in the Kickstarter is one of Brian’s own, Dragon Airways.  It’s a marvelous steampunk romp that takes the World of Godsland into a whole new territory.  As a beta reader for that novel, I can tell you it will make you laugh and cry and fall in love with dragons all over again.


Brian has Paid It Forward to me and Jack by giving us the opportunity to contribute to the World of Godsland series.  I’m humbled and inspired by his generosity.   As of the time of this article’s publishing, the campaign is nearing the 50% mark, and it’s only on its second day!  It’s hit #15 in the Popular chart for Publishing on Kickstarter.  I hope you’ll join me in Paying It Forward to Brian by contributing whatever you can to the Kickstarter.  Together, we can get this campaign to the top of the Popular chart for ALL categories.  Let’s do this!!